Pah – the “all three” option wasn’t an option as I hadn’t any Options left. No, Options, not options. The hot chocolate has to wait until I’ve been shopping (and I intend to indulge in something a bit chocolatier than the low calorie version, too, baby or no baby) so it was coffee and lemsip. And now, here I am in the middle of the night drinking lemsip without the coffee because the last thing I want right now is get up and go. (Drinking lemsip at this hour might well make me get up and go as it is! 😉 ) Actually, get up and go is the second last thing I want – the last thing I want right now is a cough and sore throat.

You’ll be pleased to know that all four of our sibling group now think a convalescent home for dad is a good idea… all we have to do now is persuade him. I have a secret weapon – I am tomorrow going to ring one of his favourite female friends and see if she would like to visit him in the hospital. This is the friend who spent some time in the Convalescent home and sentold me to tell him how much she loved it there – that it was like going on holiday. He’ll listen to her! 😉 The nurse reassured me, however, that the consultant was not-a-little unrealistic in telling Dad he’d be going home on Saturday – it’ll be Monday at the earliest until he’s discharged, and possibly longer depending on the physiotherapists. Mind you, they may well want rid of him, seeing as he informed me he told them to b*&*&^ off and stop bullying him. Funny, though.. he was telling me this and said “Do you know what I told them? I said… ‘B*&*&^ off!” and just at that moment the hospital chaplain arrived to visit him 😀

The house is in silence. Even the cat is asleep, curled up in the odd sock tray. I know why he’s chosen the odd- sock-tray rather than the matched-sock-tray, it’s far cosier as there are far more socks there! Mind you, they’ll soon match as they’ll all be tabby/white and furry. My Lemsip is all supped, my throat eased, my mind sleepy.. I’ll bid you goodnight. Goodnight.

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  1. yes, well, obviously I should read ALL postings before commenting – what a sensible family you have 🙂

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