Well and truly kicked!

Well, thanks for your encouragement so far. I’m doing fairly well, in theory, though you can’t precisely see the difference. So far I have:

Taken my CD player round to Dad’s and put a few CDs for him to listen to while they’re drilling holes in his leg;
Rolled up the redundant carpet which I’d left looking forlorn in my hall;
Emptied the five drawers from the chest of drawers from Dad’s, throwing lots of stuff away but finding some old letters from mum (which I’ve managed to resist reading yet) and a lamp for Tiddles’ bedroom and a box of artificial wounds. Yes, artificial wounds.
Cleaned the inside of the five drawers – failed, however, to mend two because I can’t find the glue.
Put nice smelly drawer liner inside the drawers which I am actually able to use.
Put away one lot of ironed clothes in their new home.
Filled one binbag.
Fetched Dad’s washing-up over from his house.

Next on the agenda: reload washing machine, sort out ironing, have a shower ready to go out to lunch at church and then take Dad to the hospital.

Hmm… shame lunch comes in the way really, I’m just getting up a head of steam!

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