Daily Archives: October 26, 2005

Time for bed, said Zebedee

Well, what a day that’s been. The house looks no cleaner and no tidier at all……. just a drip in the ocean is what’s been achieved really… and still needs the application of a well aimed bulldozer, but at least I’ve made a start thanks to you.

Lunch at church was good – apart from being informed that it was actually really inconvenient of me to ask if, instead of having either a cheese jacket potato or a tuna jacket potato, I could be so daring as to have both cheese and tuna on my jacket potato. “That sounds really disgusting. I can do it, but you’ll have to pay extra!” Still, at least they were willing to serve me this time. Last time I went I was told, in true Christian fashion, that I could not have a tuna jacket potato as it would necessitate them opening a tin of tuna. Hmmm… I suppose the only alternative would have been for them to go out and catch one! But the food is good there, and the contemplative/creative worship area a real calming and prayerful experience on a day when that was just what the doctor ordered.

Dad has been duly delivered to the hospital and they have drawn arrows over his legs, so hopefully the operation will go ahead tomorrow as planned. Poor love – he’s first on the list tomorrow so they’re waking him at 5.30 a.m. … and no breakfast!!! Mind you, he probably will be awake already. Due to the risk of MRSA, they are not willing for him to have his special mattress from the hospice. (much to my disgruntlement, after they’d told us yesterday to bring it in. It’s not that easy, you know, bringing in a hulking great single mattress full of silicon gel!) I left him watching his own personal TV, accompanied by a tiny teddy from the hospice, and singing along to the CD I lent him. They reckon he should be out on Saturday, though possibly to a nursing home if he’ll agree. Their plans met a bit of a stumbling block as the Staff Nurse explained they’d be teaching him to walk on crutches and I pointed out that with cancer in both his upper arms, it was unlikely he’d be able to bear his own weight on his arms. Something tells me they hadn’t quite thought of that one. Hard, though, to stand there in front of him and declare yourself unwilling/unable to care for him when in truth you know you’d move heaven and earth to care for him if they did send him home. Still, I’ve got a quiet night tonight, dreams permitting.

Right, is it alright with you if I have my cup of coffee now? Too late, I’m off to bed. I think a mug of hot chocolate with squirty cream (and a dash of the stuff I rarely drink) could be in order. What do you reckon?

Well and truly kicked!

Well, thanks for your encouragement so far. I’m doing fairly well, in theory, though you can’t precisely see the difference. So far I have:

Taken my CD player round to Dad’s and put a few CDs for him to listen to while they’re drilling holes in his leg;
Rolled up the redundant carpet which I’d left looking forlorn in my hall;
Emptied the five drawers from the chest of drawers from Dad’s, throwing lots of stuff away but finding some old letters from mum (which I’ve managed to resist reading yet) and a lamp for Tiddles’ bedroom and a box of artificial wounds. Yes, artificial wounds.
Cleaned the inside of the five drawers – failed, however, to mend two because I can’t find the glue.
Put nice smelly drawer liner inside the drawers which I am actually able to use.
Put away one lot of ironed clothes in their new home.
Filled one binbag.
Fetched Dad’s washing-up over from his house.

Next on the agenda: reload washing machine, sort out ironing, have a shower ready to go out to lunch at church and then take Dad to the hospital.

Hmm… shame lunch comes in the way really, I’m just getting up a head of steam!

Kick up the proverbial

I’ve delivered the kids (coughing and sneezing and snuffling) to the leisure centre for the day. (Yes, I know this is utterly irresponsible and they’ll be a) worse when they get home and b) spreading it to all the other little kiddiwinks, but for today I don’t really care!) I have packed Dad’s bag and loaded his mattress into the car. I have collected some offcuts of carpet from my friend with a view to putting them down in my hallway and have sadly discovered there’s just not enough.. and now I’ve stopped. I’ve drunk coffee and played Rosencrantz and Everlasting Sentences until I just daren’t put it off any longer.

So forgive me, but I am going to take gratuitous advantage of you. I am going to use you as my motivator. In fifteen minutes I shall return and tell you what (if anything) I have achieved. I will not lie, I will not invent sundry household tasks to add to the list, I will not prevaricate any longer. Smudgie, off your bottom, woman, and get to work.