Daily Archives: October 15, 2005

The feline, the tooth and the wardrobe

Ouch – I suddenly find myself minus half a tooth and half a filling. Great – the Isle of Wight is utterly without available NHS dentists so my little emergency could well take me “abroad” on a little excursion… either that or cost me an arm and a leg going private. How very irritating.

Smudgelet seems not to be coughing quite so much tonight – touch wood. Let’s hope a lazy day has done him good. Tiddles has had a good day too, as has my Dad who has completed another set of beautiful drawings.

Meanwhile most of the day has been dedicated to my wardrobe. Amazing – it’s the first set of instructions that have actually been straightforward to follow – so miracles do happen! I’ve done all but the most difficult bit. I’m leaving the doors until tomorrow- by 5pm I thought it was about time I got washed and dressed and ready for the day. Am I the only person who works best if they don’t change out of their pyjamas? But it all went together without a hitch and was eventually manoevred into position in the bedroom, having weaved it back and forth through the doorway and multi-cornered hall single handed (don’t tell my Dad!), with a little help from Tiddles. I wondered at one point why it had suddenly become heavier, but evicting Charlie from the drawers helped considerably. Shame I hadn’t really planned in advance properly… .. … Well, it only took another half hour to take the whole fitting back through the hall and into the lounge again to turn it round!!! But it does look good now it’s finally facing the right way!

Charlie was already in disgrace. The jigsaw box was a cosy place to have a sleep this morning. Shame it was balanced so precariously on top of the organ – a slight shift of weight and the whole lot went catapulting over the length of the end part of the lounge, together with the contents of my open sewing case which was balanced alongside it. Needless to say, Charlie did not hang around for long to see the results of his mishap! Tiddles reckons he’s gathered up all 3000 pieces. I suppose I’m going to have to make the puzzle up to find out if there’s any he’s missed.

Bet I ache tomorrow.


A lovely long chat with Tiddles’ teacher yesterday, negotiating a reduction in homework due to his sleeping problems. The school are being very helpful – and it’s reminded them, the teacher tells me, of the fact that their pupils are still children who do need chance to do things other than school work, so it may have benefited more than just him.

It was good to exchange stories, comparing his behaviour at home and his behaviour at school, and giving us each a better insight to the “whole child”. I was reassured. “He is getting better,” she said. “I can see some progress in his organisational skills!” I waited, on tenterhooks. “He no longer leaves his books strewn all over the desk when he leaves the room,” she informed me. Wow… now that is amazing. “No, now he gathers them all up and moves them away…….. and leaves them strewn over the worktop at the side of the classroom instead. But we have to celebrate these little steps 😀 ”

One small step – he’s asked me if I’ll buy him the book they’re reading in school because he wants to get on with it and the class are not really interested. Amazing!

In other news, Smudgelet is proper poorly – with a sore throat and cough so bad that he no longer has any voice to cough with and consequently sounds like a cat bringing up a hairball. He woke me up at 3 a.m. to inform me he’d lost his voice. I was very sympathetic… it was only the fourth time he’d woken me, after all. Poor Smudgelet. He’s curled up now in my bed…… well, in my duvet on the sofa… and sleeping fitfully. Mustn’t catch it, though. And mustn’t let Dad catch it either.

Now that my sister J has gone home and all’s gone back to normal, depression and anger over his op has now hit Dad. He’s declared that if it doesn’t take place next week, he’ll refuse it. This was triggered by a standard comment on the date-confirmation-letter that non-attendance without prior notice would result in being denied the operation and the GP being informed. He has taken this personally – convinced it was added onto the letter especially for him and unable to comprehend that the letter is a simple pro-forma with only the specific details added in before posting. Ho hum – I can see the next few weeks being a bit of a challenge. Good job Tiddles is getting himself more organised 😉