Daily Archives: October 13, 2005

Domestic rumblings

It’s all go at Smudgie Towers!

In fact, I could do with it all going. This house has far far too much clutter – as those who have visited our mini-mansion will confirm. And right now it’s worse as, in a sacrificial offering, I donated my wardrobes to the Smudgelets and now have a bedroom full of Tesco crates jam packed with clothing (most of which I’m sure I’ve.. er.. outgrown!). I exacerbated it yesterday by donating the remaining chest of drawers to my Dad – tipping the contents out onto my bed to speed up proceedings – and taking off his hands a large (somewhat in need of repair) chest of drawers chock full of bits and pieces which need sorting and “relocating”, probably in a large black bag. Contents of these drawers have, to save time, been tipped out onto my bed for ease of movement and repairing of the chest. You know, I love sleeping on my sofa 😀

The interesting part of these proceedings was my sister and I moving the chest of drawers. Well, not so much a chest of drawers, actually the centre piece of a wardrobe suite, so the height and ungainliness of a wardrobe but with removable drawers. It was interesting indeed manoevring it through my rather zigzaggy hallway; balancing it along the slopy path all strewn with hidden obstacles like a tiny step up and a large protruding drain cover and an over-friendly hedge; forcing it round the hairpin bend at the end of the path and onto the rather steeply sloping drive, and then up Dad’s steps and through into the bedroom. En route we had a rather close encounter with my catoniasta (sp?) bush. As we arrived in the bedroom and looked at the base where the drawers were going to go, we found it jammed full of catoniasta berries but, what’s more, a million or so tiny baby woodlice scurrying in confusion over the wood in search of a nice safe crevice to hide in. What a performance. Both my sister and I are rather fond of woodlice and preferred to rescue them than squish them… easier said than done! And all this while trying not to alert Dad’s attention to what we were doing!

Now my new wardrobes have arrived. Hmmm… they are flatpacked in two massive and extremely heavy boxes in the middle of my lounge. Hmmmmm….. anyone got an hour or five to spare this afternoon?

I have also been three weeks without a washing machine. The machine itself was fine, but the catch on the door was broken, necessitating a new door, and I simply couldn’t get to the spare parts shop in order to order one. So I’ve been lugging the minimum load of washing possible round to Dad’s to do (and simply stockpiling the rest – amazing how it’s reduced the ironing pile!). Yesterday I finally had chance for a leisurely trip to Ryde, so I took out my new screwdrivers and began to remove the door. The little broken bit of catch fell out as soon as I undid the first screw, and I realised it wasn’t actually broken, just dislodged. I put it back in place, fastened the screw and…. tada!…… washing-machine-repair-woman strikes again! Oh the sweet sound of washing whirring in the tub 😀 😀 😀

My sister goes today, with the anticipation of course of returning in a couple of weeks’ time. Strange to say goodbye to her – I so want her to stay but know that it’s not feasible. I won’t be thinking of it for long, though, as I have to go with Dad to Carisbrooke Priory because his usual companion is unable to go today. I must find a way to change my feelings about it from resentment at losing a precious day to myself sorting out my new wardrobes to a feeling of pleasure at sharing with Dad a special day which I know he’ll enjoy. Hmm.. can I feel both, please?