Daily Archives: October 12, 2005

back again

Banana body wash, cherry shampoo, strawberry body cream – I ought to smell good enough to eat, but as it is I just feel like a Knickerbocker Glory without the icecream.

I’m sorry I’ve not been around for a while. Well, I have been around, just not really blogging. I didn’t want this to be come a “woe-is-me-a-blog” but things were getting a bit hectic, what with Dad’s illness, preparing for today’s operation, dealing with the boys’ emotional (and consequent behavioural) difficulties, school and a series of domestic disasters. Oh, and making all the late-night visits and decisions about which schools the Smudgelets should go to next year. Thank heavens for the lovely counsellor from MacMillan who recommended I go to the doctor and get signed off. Mind you, the doctor informed me I seemed remarkably “together” and not stressed or depressed at all. He saw me on a good day!!!! 😀

So here I am at home.

Those of you who read the ship will see that Dad’s operation has been deferred to the end of the month. It’s currently a sense of anti-climax, mingled with a frustrated anger because it’s nobody’s fault (it’s deferred because there are more urgent demands on the imaging equipment they need) and disappointment and a sense of losing control because they’ve said that there’s no guarantee the op will take place on the new date either.

We’re focussing on finding silver linings. Tiddles had wanted to find chance to spend some quality time with his grandad before the operation and we’d been finding that difficult to arrange, what with homework etc. But now he’ll get chance; Dad’s visits to the Hospice have started him drawing again and even getting interested enough to look for his paint brushes; my honorary uncle was thwarted last week in his attempt to bring Dad’s situation to their church’s fortnightly prayer meeting because the meeting was brought forward an hour and he didn’t realise – so now he’s got chance to take it to the next one; and Dad’s off to the Hospice today and my sister and I are getting a precious day together to…… well, what should we do? Lay the carpet in the bathroom? Clean Dad’s house through? or……….. go shopping and drinking coffee??? I wonder which it will be 😀 😀 😀