Daily Archives: July 29, 2005

I’ve done it!

Well, I am sitting here feeling remarkably smug as my home is now in a fit state to leave to my visitors while we go swanning off for our annual pilgrimage to Sidmouth. OK, so I have to keep my fingers crossed that my friends don’t look in the garage or under the large blanket covering a mountain of bits and bobs in the bedroom.. and if they open any cupboards or drawers they may have to send for mountain rescue to retrieve them from under the avalanche which will ensue,… but the place looks clean (ish) and respectable and even the car is loaded already. In fact, once the washing machine stops in a minute, even the clothing we leave behind us will be clean and dry and ready for our return. I feel smug.

Smudgelet’s postcard collection is looking good already. He has three – Thank you Jack and Eutychus – most efficient I must say… although one other beat you to it. He’s also rather delighted because, three days after registering, he’s already half way through the library summer reading challenge and well into his second selection of three books. It’s lovely to see the pair of them sitting up on the top bunk in Tiddles’ new room, engrossed in their books. I furnished it with cushions and a spare duvet to make a little reading area in the hope it might prompt them to indulge a bit more in reading, and it seems to be working rather well, at least in Smudgelet’s case. He’s also amazed me by baking another Victoria Sponge – this one for his godmother’s birthday – without having to make any reference to the recipe at all!

Tiddles, meanwhile, has slaved away doing an assortment of jobs, including cleaning the outside of the car. It’s looking rather shiny – I don’t know how I’ll ever recognise it in the carpark as I’ve forgotten to look for a green car and generally keep an eye open for one that’s speckled and brown.

So, here I am all packed up and ready for my holiday.. and feeling almost as excited as the kids. I need this break and I plan to enjoy it to the full… despite the stress of leaving Dad to go to his appointment and awaiting the results. Be good while I’m gone! And don’t hold your breath for a postcard … Smudgelet has bagsed them all!