Thank you for your prayers – Not only did they get my mobile message at long last, but they did so at the one moment in the day when I was alone enough to talk (and sob) unobserved and early enough in the day to reduce my worrying somewhat. My wonderful sister has cut her holiday short by two days and is, as we speak, well on her way home to organise things so that she can stay here next week and take Dad to the hospital.

Both sisters have impressed upon me that I have a duty to go away on holiday and, temporarily, forget all about it and leave it in my sister’s hands… because Dad’s going to need me well relaxed and refreshed, and so are the Smudgelets. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family.

Meanwhile I just need to summon up enough concentration on other things to get this bungalow sorted. Hmm.. a bit of a challenge, this one!!! Today I allowed myself to be diverted into helping Smudgelet with his latest project – contacting everyone he knows and asking them to send him a postcard of the place they live. He’s really quite excited with this little undertaking which should hopefully get him yet another badge for cubs. He’s already overtaken Tiddles on the badge race… hardly surprising as Tiddles can’t remember to ask the leader for the three badges he has outstanding! I had to laugh this morning as his private tutor was tearing her hair out… I didn’t know whether to despair at the waste of money having extra lessons for him when they go in one ear and out the other, or whether to rejoice that it isn’t just me! I tend towards the latter – it’s worth every penny to watch her struggle to stay patient 😀 (He’s not actually got learning difficulties – if he put as much effort into actually having a go at the task as he puts into avoiding engaging with it, he’d actually be quite bright!!!)

3 thoughts on “Found

  1. Hooray – glad you found her in time! Continued prayers (and yes, I’ll dig out a postcard from somewhere too) xx

  2. Will try to get a postcard in the post…

    Do postcards from overseas get extra [ahem] brownie points??

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