It’s hard to settle to anything today.. it’s that horrible feeling of trying to deal with an emergency and reaching a point where nothing more can be done for the moment.

The thing is, I seem to have mislaid my sister. This may seem a minor inconvenience, but it’s taking on mammoth proportions at the moment. With Dad’s appointment coming through for the middle of next week, we have to make some arrangements. Either I need to phone them to postpone it or I need to arrange for my sister to stay here with him and take him. Both scenarios are awful. We’re both on tenterhooks, he and I, waiting for the bad news and if it’s bad for me, it must be a million times worse for him. After ringing to blast them for making him wait (to which they replied that they can’t discuss patient information with a third party, even though it was only the date of the appointment I wished to discuss), I wonder how soon they’d make the appointment if I rang and asked them to postpone. There again, do I want him to go with someone else and for me to get the news while I’m away and alone and supposed to be enjoying myself? Neither, really.

So, it all depends on my sister – she’ll have to make the decision. But where is she? Somewhere in France and obviously out of mobile range as she hasn’t answered any of the numerous text messages we’ve sent. I finally managed to get through to the friends she was staying with for part of the holiday (after first my internet connection going down and me not able to call up their website, then difficulty phoning France).. only to discover that they left there yesterday and are meandering back through the French countryside to catch the ferry… next Wednesday evening!!! AAAAAGGGGHHHHH! And of course, Dad is worrying now about what I am going to do about the appointment. If you’re of a mind to pray, please pray that my sister will come within range of a mobile mast today.. in fact, before this evening would be nice… and get my message to ring me.

Meanwhile, I have to say I had a rather pleasant evening at Osborne House on Saturday night. Fantastic music, and a wonderful firework display. I was a little concerned that I may look slightly foolish, sitting with my blanket wrapped over my head (I’d forgotten my hat and it was a little chilly!) but was reassured to look out over the heads of the 6000 people there – most of whom seemed to have managed to sit between us and the stage – and see numerous people wearing flashing pink fluffy bunny ears without a qualm. And this year I’d remembered actually to put the food for the picnic in the picnic bag instead of just taking the bag and leaving the food in the fridge. I don’t think I’ll ever live that one down!!!

I also had the delight of doing part of my Local Preachers portfolio this weekend – writing a narrative sermon (not sure what I think of that) and doing a personal reflection on someone else’s service. I know what I think about that. It feels awful going to church and, instead of focussing on my worship of God, focussing on doing the equivalent to a lesson observation on an preacher who’s totally unaware of my intentions. Hard to hide behind the pew and scribble notes, too… especially as I kept absent-mindedly scratching my nose with my pen! Interesting, though, analysing someone’s preaching style, even though it does feel very wrong. It’ll be my turn next, mind, as apparently I have my trial service in September as they feel I’m ready to fly solo. Mmmm.. I’ll reserve judgement on that one!

Right, to work.. I can put it off no longer.

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