No letters

Having a letterless keyboard is fine when you can touch type. Not that I can type in the traditional ten fingered way, but my fingers automatically know where the keys are and sort out between themselves which one will hit the required key with minimum effort. That’s fine, until you find yourself minus a finger.. or minus the use of it, to be more anatomically precise… and you discover that you can’t hit the right keys for love nor money (not that I have any of the latter anyway).

In fact, everything is a little harder going today.. ever since I made the mistake of thinking of spending more family time this morning. That’ll teach me! I decided to take the Smudgelets out to the post office on their bikes and do a bit of on-road-cycling instruction. I walked because I had things to carry, and because it was up a steep hill to start with and down it again on the way back. And what happens? I am so intent on watching and advising the Smudgelet on his road techniques that I failed to see some loose gravel on the path, turned my ankle and went skidding down the hill on my stomach. I was surprised to find I wasn’t as badly hurt as I might have been – although it had the really quite funny effect of setting off my dermographia so that I looked as though I was grazed from head to toe, everywhere that had been in contact with the path turning red and angry! But as it is I’ve just badly bruised and grazed one finger and one knee.

Typical – just when I need to get the lounge and kitchen habitable for my babysitter and be able to walk a long distance carrying a bag and a deckchair this evening for the Osborne House concert!

In the picnic bag will be one rather flat looking Victoria Sponge. Yes, Smudgelet is delighted to announce that he was awarded his Cubs Chef badge at Cubs last night, along with his DIY badge for the construction of a rather lurid pink keyholder and a rather sophisticated looking bird box. I’m sure the sponge will be delicious, if a little… er…. compact.

Dad’s appointment has finally come through….. for the middle of our holiday next week! Hmm… a few phone calls to make on Monday, I think.

2 thoughts on “No letters

  1. "went skidding down the hill on my stomach"

    Smudgie, I am so sorry to learn of your mishap. I hope all scrapes etc. disappear soon. I particularly empathize because for me too a "simple" walk turned painful when my foot connected with a crack in the sidewalk and my body connected with the pavement. The splint on my right hand came off yesterday and my first physical therapy session is at noon — oops, running late — in about 40 minutes.

  2. Hope you [and you Nefertiki!] are feeling much better soon! Prayers and hugs.

    And congratulations to Smudgelet!

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