Daily Archives: July 19, 2005

Struggling a little at the moment

But at least you can always comfort yourself that things could be worse.

My sister, for example. Just ten days before the guests start arriving from abroad for my nephew’s wedding, she discovers a wasp nest deep inside between the ceiling and the bedroom floorboards. The wasps will have to be killed, of course (not that she likes killing anything) but they are in such an awkward place that they will, apparently, moulder away and there will be a strong smell of putrifaction in the bedrooms.

I reassured her that it would be easily masked. This is because the installation of a new bathroom has gone somewhat awry. They haven’t been able to bath or shower for almost two weeks.. and the bathroom door has had to be removed so any ablutions at the sink are in full view of any passerby. At least she can blame the smell on the dying wasps…

Add to this her discovery this morning of an invasion of clothes moths. They seem to be a bit prevalent at the moment, don’t they, as another friend here on the Island has been massacring moths too, just as Jack has. I told my sister about the lavender oil.. which will have the added bonus of a) masking the smell of the dying wasps and sweaty unwashed bodies and b) relax the visitors into a deep sleep.

Of course, come the time a bit closer to the wedding, they’ll all be relocating anyway to the two cottages she’s booked for the week in the location of the big event. Except that by pure chance she’s discovered that the cottages which were advertised as sleeping six now actually turn out only to sleep four.. and that at a push. It’s going to be a really cosy family wedding !!!! We’ve had to offer for two people to stay in our cottage with us.. which means me sharing two single beds with my sons – Mr Talk-in-sleep and Mr Wriggle-a-lot.

Meanwhile, anyone available to babysit on Satuday night? I have a long awaited and much needed night out with my friend M planned – an open air concert at Osborne House, complete with fireworks – and can’t find a babysitter for love nor money. Having a lounge where it’s standing-room-only doesn’t help, of course… but I’m sure I could finish clearing it by the weekend if I had the right motivation! 🙂

Three days to go until the holidays. Work’s not a happy place at the moment. Add that to increasing problems with number-one-son and still hanging on this bad news coming for Dad, and all I can say is thank God for God! At the moment I’m hanging together on prayer, friends, and crumpled chocolate caramel koalas 😀