I’m ready for a break.

I’ve just had a row with a friend. They say bad things come in threes, don’t they? Let’s hope this was the third thing because I still have a week and a day to go of school and I feel like curling up in a little ball under the duvet… if it wasn’t so hot!

I’m still shaken, I guess, from an incident yesterday where a driver in a hurry decided to run me off the road. He was coming straight at me down a road that’s not really wide enough for two vehicles to pass unless they’re going very very slowly and cooperating all the way. I’d passed the passing place by about a hundred yards – it’s a winding road so I hadn’t seen him any sooner – and slowed to assess whether we could manage to squeeze past or whether I should reverse. He had no such hesitation. I ended up with the hedge poking in through my nearside window and a completely smashed wing mirror… and of course, without a wing mirror, I didn’t get chance to take his registration down as he disappeared off round the next bend. I didn’t think to ring the police, seeing as I had nothing really concrete to report, but was advised to today and, when I rang up to report it, I got a telling off from the person at the other end for not reporting it sooner. So I had to organise cover at school while I returned home for my paperwork and hot-tailed it down to the police station, where I had a telling off for wasting their time with something so vague and minor. Well, not a telling off exactly, but the policeman certainly wasn’t very interested at all and told me nothing would come of it and what precisely did I want him to do? And here’s me, trying to drive without a wing mirror (which I use a lot) until I have time to go to Halfords for a new one.

At least parents’ evening this evening was pleasant and finished in time for me to see the children before bedtime.

The third bad thing is only a potential bad thing… but it’s hanging there fulltime at the back of my mind. You recall Dad was given the all clear on his bone scan by the cancer specialist, but his GP said it showed some damage to the hip and sent him for Xrays? Well, yesterday Dad phoned the doctor to make an appointment to see him and discuss the Xrays… and the doctor told him it’d been referred back to the cancer specialist who’d be ringing him sometime to call him in for an appointment. Hmmm… 2+2=?

And I STILL haven’t quite finished that bedroom 🙁

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  1. Poor you. Sounds like the police need to get their story straight. Hang on in til the end of term!

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