Would you believe it… the car’s broken down! And how about this – it’s less than one month out of warranty and similarly one month out of it’s free breakdown cover. I had to ring the RAC and get my cover renewed instantly, paying an extra £40-odd for the priviledge of having a (rather nice) RAC man come out to the house even though my policy wasn’t in place. He ducked under the bonnet, and after much muttering and computer-diagnosis and phone calls to find where on earth they’d hidden the crank-shaft sensor on the Kangoo engine because he couldn’t find it to repair it, he declared it in need of hospitalisation. Still, could be worse, it could have happened en route tomorrow! And at least it bought me an extra hour or so at home. My kindly neighbourhood garage is hard at work repairing it and, by a stroke of good luck, have managed to find me a rather nice courtesy car to have while I’m waiting. So I am just finishing my coffee and I’ll be back off to work.

The problems with my windows are still there… though thanks for your suggestions so far, Deeleea and Ian. The top toolbar used to be in two layers, deeleea, so that I could access everything on it. I can do the expanding bit, but it just hides another part. And that box in properties, Ian, is already unchecked and the one saying to keep it on top of all windows has a nice green tick in it. So I’m still puzzled, and still unable to toggle nicely between windows and see what time it is too. Particularly annoying when you’ve got a game of freecell going on in the background to fill your “thinking time”.

Right, coffee’s finished… off to work! (Just in time for break 😀 )

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