My computer’s gone funny. The address bar and tool bar at the top of the screen seem to have amalgamated into one, with lots of little arrows where it won’t all fit in on the screen. And the toolbar at the bottom of the screen has disappeared completely, only appearing when I move my mouse to the bottom of the screen – very inconvenient if you’re trying to read people’s wiblogs with one eye on the time so’s not to be late to work. Any ideas?

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  1. Not sure about the top of the screen, sorry, but for the bottom: move your mouse down so it appears, click the right mouse button and select "Properties". A box should come up with all manner of options. Uncheck the one labelled "Auto-hide the taskbar" and press "OK".

    Hope that helps! Oh, I’m assuming you’ve got Windows…

  2. Have a look at the tool bars across the top. Where they meet each other across the page you should see a vertical bar. Depending on its view it may be a dotted line.

    Just click and drag on that and you should be able to move the bar back into position. OR anywhere across those top fields you decide you want to put it!

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