Daily Archives: June 12, 2005


Well, that’s the second one under my belt. And I should apologise to the congregation out yonder because not only was it not too bad, but I really enjoyed it. I had a congregation of four, plus organist, which was lovely because en route I’d prayed that there might be three there (although it was slightly disconcerting that they were reluctant to make eye-contact, though I’d guess that is a hazard of small congregations because too much eye contact can be disconcerting for both sides too!) and the fellow who’s criticism I’d dreaded actually made it far easier by nodding his approval and agreement from time to time and making a sincere encouraging comment at the end.

We were out in the Isle of Wight countryside on a beautiful summer’s day, surrounded by fields and downy hillsides (downy as in “like the downs”, not as in “covered with fluffy feathers”, although the recent visitation of a kestrel had made the second impression too!). The chapel there is old and well loved and it was amazing to hear the singing of our little gathering well-nigh raising the roof. Driving home, it was hard to resist the temptation, having almost made a wrong turning, to go with my impulse and leave the children at Sunday School and zoom off into the rest of the Island to revel in the sunshine. Shame I had to come home and make lunch and label hundreds of “Peak District Kit” instead!

A couple of months off, now – due to my mentor and I not being able to coordinate our social calendar sufficiently to be planned out together for a while – and then I have the joy of preaching at our own church and preparing a children’s address for the Smudgelets!!!

My WISE parcel hasn’t arrived yet.


My word! My boys are sitting in the kitchen eating their breakfast and… wait for it… quoting Shakespeare over their cereal!!!! Granted it’s the scene from Henry V where Catherine is learning English and pronouncing everything incorrectly, but still. A bit of culture shock for their mummy!

I’m a wise woman too

Wiblog International Secret Exchanger

Now surely there can’t be anyone on the wibsite, reader or blogger (or both), who has not yet heard of the great Wiblog International Secret Exchange? If you haven’t, you’d better get clicking on the link above, conveniently provided by Deeleea who knows how good I am at doing links, which will explain all. But do it quick, or you may miss the chance of receiving a parcel of goodies from another part of the world.

Now, I suppose I’d better go and retrieve my papers for this morning’s service. The cat’s asleep on them!