Daily Archives: June 5, 2005

I ache

My arms ache
My shoulders ache
My wrists ache
My fingers ache
My back aches
My thighs ache
My calves ache
My ankles ache
and most of all

… my bottom aches.

But we did it. 73 laps for Tiddles, 55 for Smudgelet and a modest 38 for me. Each lap approximately a quarter of a mile. It stayed fine except for the last half hour and the three of us were pretty well the last off the track. We were extremely disappointed that this year there were no medals for taking part, but the boys got a lapel badge and a sticker and a book, and we were given one of the left-over bottles of water!

Smudgelet is currently stood out in the rain cleaning his bike. There was no point him getting in the bath until he’d done it. On the track for the younger children there was a large clayey puddle and my beloved Smudgelet did 55 laps straight through the middle of it! He now appears to be wearing the puddle, so I would guess there’s no water left in it. His bike too changed colour from green to a nice even coat of brown.

Although I did two less laps than last year, I am convinced I must have cycled just as far. This year they divided the track in two, with younger children doing the inner oval and older children and adults doing the outer circuit. Last year, needless to say, I hogged the inner position to reduce my mileage but this time it wasn’t an option. What was particularly nice though was that this year Tiddles decided to forgo his attempt to ride fast and wanted instead to keep me company by riding alongside me. He wasn’t such a hero, though, when I went over to the announcer’s cabin to give a report on how we were doing, stepped over the barrier with my right leg and discovered my left leg just didn’t want to cooperate any more. My beloved eldest son just stood there laughing at me rather than racing to the rescue. I’m just relieved he couldn’t remember where the camera was!

Thanks to all those who sponsored us (apart from those who did it from malice to make me suffer! 😉 ) – we raised a grand total of over £300 for Leukaemia Research, and what better cause could it go to? I may well ache, but we’re lucky not to need the research at present and it was worth every single aching muscle to help those who do.

Hmmm… a massage would be good. But all the benefit my body gets from my training is that I know the proper latin name for every single muscle I can feel!!!