Daily Archives: June 4, 2005

Old gaffers without the old gaffer

I hate it when Dad’s ill. It’s always particularly difficult because he’s a bit of .. well, how can I say “a bit of a man” when it comes to being ill. You know how a head cold is always pneumonia? It’s hard to tell with Dad just how poorly he is. But today he’s really out of sorts. Possibly judgement on him for the gooseberry crumble and custard he insisted on eating yesterday, or for the huge glass of lager and glass of red wine he imbibed (he who is usually tt), but actually in great discomfort and really not himself at all. He’s had the doctor out, though, and I’m now on standby by the phone in case he calls during the night.

Despite it, we had a lovely day. It seems a bit callous to go out and leave him to it while we enjoy ourselves, but there’s nothing we can do for him and with Uncle B being here it seemed wrong not to take him to see a bit of the Island, especially as today was Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival Obviously we couldn’t stay as long as we wanted or do as much as we’d have liked to do, but it was fantastic, a wonderful atmosphere. The funniest thing there, I reckon, was two women on stilts dressed as pirates. Hiding their stilts they had a big model of a boat which they wore hanging from their shoulders so it looked as though they were in it, and then a cloth skirt below it which was made to look like the sea. Really impressive. Oh, and my luck was nearly in when Tiddles was pressganged to join a pirate crew, but they threw him back as too lilylivered! My lovely boy bought me a necklace (not exactly what I would have chosen for myself, but lovely nontheless, and when a man buys you jewellery which costs them every penny in their pocket, you don’t quibble about the style!) but sadly the clasp has just broken and the pendant disappeared somewhere under the computer desk.

Our other purchase will hopefully be lots of fun… I just couldn’t resist indulging the boys on the grounds that a) it’s educational and b) I wanted a go. There was a stall entitled “the great little steamboat company” and when we went to investigate, there was a demonstration of little tin boats powered by steam. You fill the tiny boiler with water, put a tiny lighted candle in the middle of the boat, and the steam generated puffs out through the exhausts under water and propels the tiny boat along. We’re all dying to try them out (but I’ve gone and left them in Auntie M’s handbag!)

I was very good. Purchases not made: a new dress, a crate of my favourite Island-made apple juice, a new kite, a windsock, a hiking stick carved with an owl on top for Tiddles, a kite in the shape of an aeroplane for Smudgelet, a pile of second hand CDs and videos, a lemon drizzle cake. Actual purchases: three tin steamboats, five icecreams, one souvenir programme and four balls of knitting wool to make a jacket for Edythe.

Bikeathon tomorrow. What have I done? What have I done?