Small lump in my throat as I type this.
My nephew and his partner have named my new great-niece after my mother and her other great-grandmother (who died last year) who shared a name. Funny. My mum would have been so chuffed, and yet so disbelieving as she never liked her name and it’s extremely old-fashioned. But a tear comes to my eye each time I say her name to myself. They’ve given it an up-to-dateified spelling “Edythe”. And in August I shall meet her, and my other great niece, for the very first time.

I have today spent far too much money on them both 😀

5 thoughts on “My!

  1. how lovely of them … mind you, she’s going to spend the rest of her life spelling her name but still ….

  2. It is lovely to do that and I think it’s a nice name – and no-one else in her class will have it. But I am definitely showing my old fogey colours when I say I wish people would spell names properly!

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