This strange churning sensation in my stomach could be one of two things, I reckon. Either it’s my chicken kiev landing a little heavily on my digestive system or… or… it could be that my body has finally caught up with my brain and realised it’s my first sermon tonight. I’m not exactly nervous – more that I’m unsure of quite what to expect, never having done this bit before. Reading my sermon aloud it sounds trite and monotonous and uninspiring, but then I’ve never done it before and I’m not sure what will happen when I actually deliver it to people who have a vested interest in what I have to say. And the thought of a small congregation, which at first felt so safe and simple for a first time, suddenly seems a bit too intimate for my liking – an assembly hall of 350 nine-to-thirteen-year-olds seems a whole lot less daunting.

Tiddles is away at camp this weekend. I say “away” in the loosest sense of the word as, for the first two nights, I have had to drive out to the campsite and fetch him home so he could have a decent night’s sleep. I hate doing it – it doesn’t do much for his street-cred and I hate appearing to be an over-protective mother, but it’s partly a punishment and partly to help him cope with the lack of sleep which is an unavoidable drawback of his trip away with the school in a couple of weeks’ time. So he’s the only Scout there who hasn’t any bags under his eyes and isn’t covered in soot from the fire and dirt from the ground and smells of bubble bath instead of campfire smoke!!! Shame really. Still, he’s staying there overnight tonight and, being the last night, it’ll be a late one. Meanwhile, I get to spend a bit of greatly appreciated 1:1 time with Smudgelet, who’s currently engrossed in his new Scalextric car.

Collecting sponsorship for the Bikeathon is going well. Bother, looks like I’m going to have to ride with them again… which means I’m going to have to break the bike out from amongst the cobwebs and get the hang of balancing on the thing. Looks like a bike ride with the Smudgelet might be on the agenda for tomorrow! Actually I think the exercise is going to be essential. I was shocked, seriously shocked, yesterday when I went to purchase a new item of clothing (no, I’m not telling what it was, but I had to be measured for it!) and discovered I’d increased in size by about two clothes sizes (and in this case, four inches and two letters of the alphabet!) in the last two years, after being a pretty consistent size all my life – well, since achieving my adult status, anyway. I decided that losing it by the time of the wedding was a forlorn hope and that I might as well cut my losses and invest in the really lovely outfit I saw in the shop while I was undie-hunting.

I was going to be really clever here and add a picture from last year’s bikeathon, on the basis that if Jack the Lass can do it, it can’t be that difficult really 😉 But I’ve failed. What does that say about me?

5 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. The only reason I can do it is because the sites I use provide the code to copy and paste. Otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance 😉

  2. I just tried to do that for our cat, and failed. You can post a link to the photo if it’s on a website, in the same way as for other links – which is what I’ve done. When I get the code right for putting the image in, I’ll send it to you.

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