Daily Archives: May 8, 2005


Aha.. so that’s where I put the little blighters. I’ve been looking everywhere for those.
No, not the Smudgelets. I mean, how could anybody lose them? I should know, I’ve been trying long enough.
The cause of my almost-frantic almost-search was the loss of the two floppy disks containing my completed school reports. The ones I lost. The ones I had to pray would turn up because I couldn’t face doing the whole lot all over again. And what do you know, here they are. So I shall set to and start checking and printing them now, shall I? Or in a minute or two? A minute or two sounds good.

It’s a bit ridiculous really, the wonders of modern technology. We are provided with a laptop in school. We can plug it into the internet and the internal network that links to the printers if we’re really keen and happy to fiddle about at the back of the computers, while observed by a classload of kids, and detatch the unseen cable which then needs to be plugged into the laptop… and then do the whole thing in reverse when we’ve finished. Saving the things to floppy disk sounded a much more reasonable approach to getting them printed. Except. EXCEPT….

…. EXCEPT you’re not allowed to use a floppy disk in any of the school computers.

So I have finally come up with the best system. First of all I can print them out myself (not nice… ink cartridges and paper are so expensive to come by) or… or… I can type up my reports on my laptop, save them on a disk, bring my disk home and transfer the files onto the harddrive of my PC, email them from there to school, and then go back to school, open my emails, and print them off. 😀 Simplicity in motion… until I discover all the spelling mistakes and the one I obviously wrote about the wrong child. And how will L’s parents and M’s parents react when they detect the venom with which I’ve written about the performance of their beloved offspring?

My beloved offspring has finished one whole chapter of his book. It’s rubbing off on his little brother who sat quietly on the sofa with the cat and read, in silence, for a whole hour this morning. He doesn’t have any difficulty reading, or sitting for an hour, it’s stopping talking for more than five minutes that’s his particular challenge 😀