Daily Archives: May 2, 2005


The lower layer is now complete – well, first coat anyway.
Still deciding about this shade of blue. Does it look too cold? It certainly looks really fresh. Needs another coat though, I reckon.

Advance revenge

When I was a child, my father used to make me wash the paint brushes out when he’d been decorating.
He said it was the first stage of learning how to decorate as a good decorator always cleans up properly after themselves. I used to hate it with a hatred even outstripping the hatred of getting hair out of the plughole of the bath or picking up a slug with my bare hands. Detestable job.

So today I am making the Smudgelets do it 🙂 Well, they did ask if they could learn how to decorate, and this is the first stage of learning 😉

Spring Fever

I love the new colour of the bathroom now that it’s dry. If it weren’t for covering up the stencilling it wouldn’t even need another coat, but a second coat it will get in a moment. Then the moment of truth will come when that’s dry as that’s when the blue will come into play!

In a mad moment I decided to check in the tin marked “apricot white” and see if there was any paint left that would cover up a rather unsightly mark on the wall in my hall. (Yet another of the disadvantages of having children is the propensity of their handmarks to be enshrined in every corner of the property!) and what do you know.. there was!

I repainted one stretch of wall. It looked rather nice and fresh and it was lovely to see a wall with no distinguishing Smudgelet-like smudges. Trouble was, it made the next wall look a bit drab and dingy in comparison. Well, there was plenty of paint left, and the neighbouring wall was only a small one, so off to work I went. Lovely! It makes your heart sing to see everywhere looking so much fresher – what an amazingly easy way to lift one’s spirits. Except.. yes, you’ve got it, my hall comrises ten walls, five of which are painted apricot white, and four of which now looked decidedly drab and dingy. There was nothing for it but to get busy with the paint brush and freshen up the whole area. Thank goodness there’s no “apricot crush” paint left for the other five walls.

,… though they do look rather drab and dingy. Hmmm…. wonder if B&Q still stocks apricot crush….