Daily Archives: May 1, 2005

Well, it’s too late to change my mind now!

My bathroom’s changed colour!

Gone is the lovely stencilling of which I was incredibly proud. Gone is the terracotta and cream colour scheme. And in its place, a first coat of a sort of bluey/limey/greeny sort of colour. I must say I quite like it at this stage, although what it’ll look like when dry and in the pure light of day remains to be seen. And how it goes with the darker blue I’ve got for the contrasting bits is anyone’s guess. But there’s no going back now.

There’s also no going back on the fact that I am covered in paint and… er… I can’t use the bathroom! Slight miscalculation there. While painting the room was so much easier while the children were in bed and unlikely to interrupt or interfere, I forgot that I wasn’t going to be able to pop round to Dad’s and use his shower in the middle of the night. Hmmm… and this colour doesn’t even match my complexion! Still it goes better than the colour scheme on my legs where I helped Tiddles clean the patio this afternoon.

He is doing this job to earn the money to pay for his date on Friday night. He wanted to treat Angel-girl, so I told him that was fine as long as he earned the money to pay for it by doing this job… especially as he accidentally “mislaid” £5 of the money I lent him! So this afternoon for Tiddles was spent on his knees, scrubbing the accumulated algae off my Dad’s patio and path so that he is less likely to slip on it. I must say it looks rather good now. Wonder if Dad will notice! But that combined with my painting will probably have taken its toll on my back which is, even now, starting to complain from the shock of being expected to do something to earn its keep.

I’m feeling quite self satisfied tonight, actually. I’ve done four loads of washing, cleaned the stove (OK, so Tiddles did most of that, to pay me back for cleaning half the patio with him), written a couple of reports, done the shopping (OK, so it was online, but I don’t have to mention that do I?), cooked two meals, had a friend’s child to play for the afternoon, cleaned all the gunge and bird-poo off the climbing frame to bring it back into action for the summer, and planted my two new clematis, a gift from M. The plan is that they are to grow in pots on either side of the pew which hides the dead patch in my hedge where we got a bit carried away with the pruning last year. Hopefully the flowers will intertwine with the dead twigs and look as though we planned it as a natural bower. I mentioned the plan to M and she promptly took me to choose my flowers. We decided that Nellie Moser and Mrs Barbara Jackson seemed a pleasant couple and brought them home, complete with posh pots, and I put them in their new homes this afternoon. Oh, and this morning we managed both swimming and church, where I was enveigled into playing the piano and accordion to accompany some of the hymns. (I didn’t mind too much – it’s far more fun playing when there’s two of you together).

All in all, it’s no wonder I’m exhausted. And to think I could have been relaxing in a hotel bedroom with a good book if I’d spent the paint money on a ferry ticket. Mad fool!