And they call it puppy love…

Last night was an unqualified success.. if this morning’s “Could we do that again sometime?” was anything to go by. I picked up two extremely excited young people from school. If I was contemplating adopting a girl as my third child, I may have changed my mind – when excited they talk even more and with even sillier voices than boys, I discover! But Angel-girl is definitely a sweet child – what on earth does she see in my son? 😉

The best laid plans of mice and mothers are easily thwarted by the cinema changing its programme on a Friday. Valient wasn’t on. In fact, nothing at all was on at 5pm. Disaster! Fortunately Robots had just started and reluctantly they headed in to watch that instead – Angel-girl fearing it would be too babyish for them, Tiddles fearing it would be too violent. It seems they were both mistaken. It was, apparently, brilliant. And I think I have now heard every single catchphrase from the film in stereo about fifty times over. However, in their rush to get into the film, they misheard my final instruction. Instead of them going to Micky D’s before the film and then meeting me in the cinema carpark after the film at 6.30, I told them to go to Micky’s after the film and I’d meet them in there at 6. How they quite got the message “Go to Micky D’s after the film and I’ll meet you in the cinema car park at 5.30” I’ll never know. As soon as the film finished, they raced to get food and rammed it into their mouths in a race to return to the car park. Good job I’d planned to take Smudgelet for a Happy Meal (and me for a grumpy one) at 5.30 and met them there on their way out! All that remained to do then was to talk incessantly to Smudgelet (makes a change from him doing the same to me!) so that he would focus his full attention on me and stop waving and pulling faces and laughing at the giggling twosome on the opposite table!

Looking ahead is interesting. How strange to think that one day there’ll be someone who knows my boys better than I do, whom they must put as a higher priority than me. I wonder how I’ll adjust to that time when that time comes. When my babies fly the nest and my life’s focus alters. I’m glad to know I have plans and ventures I’m still plotting for my freedom years or otherwise the future might look rather daunting. Though Tiddles informed me he plans to live next door to me for ever and take my children to school for me and leave me to babysit my grandchildren. Hmmmm… he thinks I’m spending my freedom years adopting more children and babysitting grandchildren? And Smudgelet intends to live with me till I die too? Hmmmm… sufficient unto the day are the terrors therein … I’ll worry about the future when the time comes 😉

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  1. By a stunning coincidence, Mr and Mrs E and 3rd Eutychite went to watch this film yesterday. It was quite fun.

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