My baby’s growing up

Now that’s a first – a new experience for me. Organising my eldest son’s love life.
At the tender age of twelve he is madly in love. I met her for the first time on Saturday as they found themselves sitting back-to-back on the seats in the shoeshop, trying on shoes. Both were extremely embarrassed that their mums and younger siblings were in tow (or should that be, in toe?) at the time…. but their shy smiles said it all.

“I’m going out with her,” he said. “Well, not exactly going out. I mean, we don’t actually go anywhere together, but she’s sort of, well, my girlfriend”. Not that I didn’t know that already!

“So, why don’t you ask her out, then?”
“Well, would she like to go to the cinema or something, or come round to watch a video (with Smudgelet safely out of the way at Auntie M’s)?”
“What, you mean like…… a date????? ”

The look on his face was a treat. Mingled terror and delight! The thought that he, Tiddles, could ask her, Angel-girl, to go out with him ON A REAL DATE! But it was sufficient to get a whole evening of exemplary behaviour from him – he even spent two hours doing the garden! Then came the phone call.

Would you credit it? he asked to speak to her mother!!! My sweet little old-fashioned gentleman asked her mother’s permission first! She put him on to Angel-girl and, fumbling his words and writhing with excitement and embarrassment, he finally managed to ask her out. I’m picking them both up from school on Friday and dropping them in town to go to MacDonalds for a meal and then on to the cinema to watch Valient. Then I’m on duty to pick them up from the cinema and bring them home for Angel-girl’s mum to collect her from here.

Do you think he’d notice if I crept into the cinema and watched too? I mean watched the film, of course. You suspsicious lot!!!!

As Angel-girl’s mum said, “This is the first real date – it’s quite exciting, isn’t it” 😀

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