I was right

Thunder and lightning.

But adequately planned for – the bike was locked in the garage as usual, and when he came to “go to Scouts whether you like it or not, you see if I don’t”, strangely he was unable to find any pair of shoes at all. They appeared to have… .. walked 😉

Nice bit… comment to Auntie M after I’d gone to take Smudgelet to Beavers: ” The thing is, I know Mummy will understand. How does she get to know everything like that. She knows how I’m feeling even when I don’t! And what’s more, how on earth did she know where my girlfriend lives before I’d even asked?” Yes, my baby is starting to suffer the torment of hormones and is all of a jumble inside. But he’s still not getting away with .. shall we call it misappropriation and his second tantrum in two days has resulted in a ban on him going to Scout Camp. 🙁

Auntie M’s a dab hand at giving him a chance to talk it through after the event, though. Thank you God for Auntie M.