Nicest moment of the day: waking up when my alarm went off and knowing that I had an extra half hour because I hadn’t got to go round and get Dad up.

Worst moment of the day: the moment of realisation that Tiddles was going to have a tantrum, no matter what I did about it (apart from giving in to him, which wasn’t an option).

Moment of greatest relief of the day: Tiddles’ tantrum, though violent (he smashed his toy cupboard door), was short-lived and he apologised nobly, able to say “I am a fool because I blamed you for the punishment for my tantrum, when really it was me who could have done something to avoid it”.

Emergency of the day: Tiddles falling off his scooter and sliding down the drive on his forehead.

Proudest moment of the day: Smudgelet in his new shoes, new shirt, tie and pin-striped trousers and new jumper, all dressed up for church and looking the bees knees (especially after the admission that he is in love with M’s 7-year-old daughter!)

Most inconvenient moment of the day: Discovering that the beef I planned to cook for lunch had actually gone off (despite being within its use-by date) and having to resort to chicken and cheese on toast for Sunday lunch instead.

Most daunting moment of the day: Writing my first draft of my first proper sermon ready for the service at the end of next month (which I will be planning with my mentor next week)

Most looked-forward-to moment of the day: Putting the boys to bed and luxuriating in a deep, hot bath (complete with new sealant!) in the sure knowledge that the phone won’t ring demanding my immediate attention.