Daily Archives: April 24, 2005


Nicest moment of the day: waking up when my alarm went off and knowing that I had an extra half hour because I hadn’t got to go round and get Dad up.

Worst moment of the day: the moment of realisation that Tiddles was going to have a tantrum, no matter what I did about it (apart from giving in to him, which wasn’t an option).

Moment of greatest relief of the day: Tiddles’ tantrum, though violent (he smashed his toy cupboard door), was short-lived and he apologised nobly, able to say “I am a fool because I blamed you for the punishment for my tantrum, when really it was me who could have done something to avoid it”.

Emergency of the day: Tiddles falling off his scooter and sliding down the drive on his forehead.

Proudest moment of the day: Smudgelet in his new shoes, new shirt, tie and pin-striped trousers and new jumper, all dressed up for church and looking the bees knees (especially after the admission that he is in love with M’s 7-year-old daughter!)

Most inconvenient moment of the day: Discovering that the beef I planned to cook for lunch had actually gone off (despite being within its use-by date) and having to resort to chicken and cheese on toast for Sunday lunch instead.

Most daunting moment of the day: Writing my first draft of my first proper sermon ready for the service at the end of next month (which I will be planning with my mentor next week)

Most looked-forward-to moment of the day: Putting the boys to bed and luxuriating in a deep, hot bath (complete with new sealant!) in the sure knowledge that the phone won’t ring demanding my immediate attention.

The sower and the seeds

It was with a frisson of excitement (I love that word, frisson, don’t you? Along with “miriad” and “hyperbole”) that I opened the envelope that appeared through my letter box yesterday. It was the preaching plan for the coming three months. And on the list of preachers, at the very bottom under the heading of “Local preachers on note” was the name Smudgie. Well no, not exactly the name Smudgie as I’d have got some rather strange looks if it were, but you get my drift.

It was a strange feeling, actually – excitement mingled with fear mingled with anticipation mingled with a massive sense of having bitten off more than I can chew… a bit like setting myself up on a wall for people to throw tomatoes at and knock me off. I mean, who am I to stand at the front of the church and pretend I know what I’m talking about, as if I were any better than the rest. Yes yes, I know it isn’t like that really, but that trepidation is still there…. mingled with excitement and a tiny twinge of pride.

The worst bit was getting to church and finding that the everyone there had seen it too!!!