taxi service

I decided against taking Tiddles to the early morning swim training session this morning and I’m certainly glad I did. He’s determined to build his stamina by going training three times a week instead of just one, but sometimes you have to cut your coat according to your cloth and this boy seriously needs his sleep. In fact, never mind him, I seriously need my sleep. Get up at 6 on a Saturday to drive him to the pool? Seriously??? You must be joking!

Interesting day. Smudgelet to his swimming lesson (swimming? swallowing and drowning, more like!). He declared proudly that he hadn’t had any trouble with the breathing when they were swimming with the floats. I pointed out that I had been watching and actually knew that they’d been told to keep their heads out of the water at that point.

Next on the agenda was music centre. They have a concert coming up in a couple of weeks’ time. I wonder how they’re getting on – I haven’t heard much in the way of practise going on!

Quick dash home after dropping them off so that I get chance for a quick cuppa with Dad and big sister before they leave for the ferry. Dad’s decided to pack for the duration – my sister was going to suggest she took the luggage in the car and he come by train! They’ve taken his scooter with them so she can try to get him a bit more confident on the thing. Mind you, he and I nearly came to blows over loading it into the car. He cannot let me do it – he has to be in control… but he’s dangerous because when I say “stop, it’s going off the edge of the ramp!”, he just keeps on driving it forward while asking me why he needs to stop! It’s good that my sister sees how awkward he can be, despite what a lovely fellow he is, because she really does appreciate why I need regular breaks from caring for him. It felt odd waving him goodbye, though. I do miss him when he’s away.

Next stop, back to pick the boys up from music centre and ferry Tiddles to the other side of the Island to Young Archaologists. They’re based at Brading Roman Villa for the day, touring the house and garden and building their own little Roman gardens. He loves the activities there .. and is particularly looking forward to next month when they do a demonstration of iron age farming, complete with costumes! Smudgelet was not allowed to stay as he’s too young really – last time they bent the rules and took him along too, he was a pain in the neck (though not for me!) – and besides, I am pleased to give Tiddles a break from being a big brother for once.

It was lovely this morning, actually, when I suddenly looked at Tiddles and realised he’s growing up. He’s suddenly appearing so much more mature – you can almost see the man he’ll become. In fact, I may be mistaken but I am sure I spotted the hair on his upper lip darkening, and he’s got his first proper zit, of which he is quite rightly proud. Where’s my baby gone? I miss him, but I really enjoy this young man whose company I get to share.

While Tiddles was in the villa, I took Smudgelet to get his new shoes… in vain. So, after picking up Tiddles again, we drove back across country to Newport to try the shop there. First we bought a jumper each as they were bravely pretending that it’s spring really, not the middle of winter…. and to my horror my credit card was rejected!!! Not only was this a little embarrassing (and strange, as my statement arrived this morning and I’m actually in credit on my account!), but it was also a bit of a disaster as I only had £32.26 in my pocket, barely enough for one pair of shoes, let alone two. But wonders never cease… we see some perfect shoes in the sale at £16 a pair! The only disadvantage, of course, was that we didn’t get to go to our favourite cafe for a cup of coffee afterwards as 26p doesn’t really take you very far.

Home for tea and early night for them. Early night for me was the plan too, but you’ll notice it didn’t quite work out that way. Honestly, I didn’t scream and shout at them when they pulled the shower rail down in the bathroom. Well, not much. Well, not very much. But putting it up again and knowing that the evening was my own – the phone was not going to ring and summon me next door… I suddenly got the urge to remove all the grimy sealant from round the bath and replace it with a proper sealing strip. I bleached all the grout too. I’m feeling rather smug. 😀

Trouble is, I’m also feeling rather achy. Bed time, I reckon.