Daily Archives: April 13, 2005


I am, I have to admit, an antivegetarian. In fact, many of my friends are vegetarians and we have found it quite convenient to exchange our food half and half when eating out – I get twice the meat and they get twice the green stuff. I am one of the people who are definitely “supertasters” and can taste the bitterness in green vegetables so strongly that I cannot bear to have them in my mouth – indeed, quite often the smell alone can make me nauseous. But today I was a good girl – I ate my peas! Well, I couldn’t for shame not, seeing as Smudgelet ate his… and they were all jumbled up in a delicious but strong tasting fish pasta which quite nicely masked the taste. But don’t go expecting me to greet a brussels sprout with an expression of delight!

Two thirds of my “to do” list is now complete. One item on my list, now completed, was to make crystals with the Smudgelets. Well, not with them precisely. With salt solutions and soda solutions and a piece of string. But with the able assistance of the Smudgelets. Tiddles was none-too-impressed when he arrived home from the shop, whither he had been sent for supplies, to discover that baking SODA is NOT the same thing as baking POWDER and he was dispatched back to exchange it. Smudgelet’s enthusiastic stirring was responsible for my lounge table now resembling a brine baths, while my mantlepiece is a veritable laboratory bench right now, with pieces of string dangling over soda solutions, pipe cleaners stood awaiting the development of crystal “snowflakes” on their surface and, most exciting of all, three pennies in salt/vinegar solution waiting to be covered in blue crystals when the vinegar evaporates. Will we remember to keep pouring the solution over the stalactite-forming piece of string, though? I can remember even now the bitter disappointment when I tried this experiment myself as a child and was rewarded with a soggy piece of string and no crystal. I think it’s a con, myself.

to do or not to do, that is the question

Wow – it’s a rather satisfying feeling to look at one’s “to-do” list and see over half the things crossed off. Now doesn’t that sound like the definition of a rather successful day? We won’t look too closely and see that the things that are ticked off are the nice things like “Write a letter to my friend” and the quick things like “Put a cheque in the post” and the things remaining are the nasty things that take for ever to do like “Re-conquer the ironing mountain” and “Clean the bottom of the oven out again”.

Writing the letter was great fun. I used to be good friends with someone who was temporarily living on the Island (not voluntarily) and when they moved away about seven years ago we completely lost touch. Last night I returned from Southampton to find a brown envelope sitting waiting patiently on the doormat and one glance at the address label showed it came from someone in Southampton (coincidence) named Smith. Hmmm… I don’t know anyone in Southampton, Smith or otherwise, and as far as I know I have only ever known two Smiths. Surely it couldn’t be… But yes, it was! 😀 This particular Smith still owes me a lunch in a restaurant so it’s jolly good they’ve got in touch again!!!

The trip to the hospital yesterday went really quite easily. A good friend (thanks Emma) played chauffeur and transported us from the ferry and back again at the end of the day. Dad was very nervous (of course) but we both decided to enjoy the day in each other’s company – the ride on the boat, seeing Arcadia and Oriana in the port at Southampton (oooh, dreams!), coffee and cakes in the cafe together with Emma, chatting, doing The Puzzler together, drinking yet more coffee and eating yet more cakes, browsing round Smiths, and panicking about how on earth I was going to contact Emma to tell her we were ready when my mobile was suddenly out of credit and I couldn’t remember the number to dial to top it up again!

Dad was thrilled to bits with the message Tiddles sent him. “Please tell Grandad it’s just a needle – he’ll just feel a little scratch on his arm and then it’ll be all over, he just has to be brave and look away”. Dad told the nurse, and was pleased to find the advice worked 😉 He came home radioactive but we were all disappointed to find he doesn’t glow in the dark!

Have you ever noticed how incredibly annoying the sound of a Scalextric is when you’re not the one playing with it?