Daily Archives: April 5, 2005


The trouble with lodgers is that some of them eat you out of house and home.
I have two esconced in my bedroom at the moment, though I don’t think they’ll be with us long, such is the nature of nature.

Their arrival was announced rather loudly this morning. I entered the kitchen to make breakfast and was greeted by a chirrupping baby blackbird with a big smile. He happily nestled into my hands as I relocated him to a handy shoebox with holes in the top and put him safely in my bedroom out of Charlie’s still-fascinated reach. No use returning him to the wild – the blackbird, that is – as he’s too young to fly and Charlie would have him again within minutes. He’ll die in my tender care, I know, but in the meantime I have to do the best for him I can.

I was surprised at the volume of his chirps. Although he was in a box in the bedroom, doors closed, I could still hear him loud as ever in the kitchen…. until I peeped behind the boiler and found his little brother! So I’m temporarily mother-blackbird to two hungry babies who are taking food nicely and looking strong and perky…. so hard to stop myself getting attached to them.

Meanwhile, I won the bet. I had a visit from my mentor yesterday and had a bet with M on how long Smudgelet would be able to manage without my attention while my mentor was here. She reckoned fifteen minutes, I reckoned between five and seven. I was spot on! People who see just a snapshot of my interactions with my son must wonder what sort of a mother I am as his attachment disorder isn’t that noticeable until you spend long periods of time with him… but then he begins to drive you slowly insane!!! I love him to bits, mind!

Talk about a shock – my mentor decided that we could bypass all the whiffling around getting used to being at the front of a church by doing readings and prayers as part of her services… my first “appearance” as a local preacher on note is to be writing and preaching the sermon at the end of May!!! Shall I mention the word “shell shock”? Her argument was that a) I am perfectly accustomed to doing the rest of the service and b) as I have to write a sermon at this stage of the training, I might as well use it while it’s still fresh. And I can’t think of a single argument against it!

Other news: Remind me never to fall for the con where they sell you a 24 exposure film with 27 exposures on it for the same price. What they omit to tell you is that this film will fall into the “36” catagory when you come to pay for them to be developed!