Who’d’ve thunk it?

I’m quite chuffed with how industrious I’ve been this morning. Oh for more time without Dad or the kids to distract me, I could possibly make some sort of impact on this place. I’ve filled five massive storage boxes with assorted junk and deposited them in the garage as my task for the Easter Holidays. The disconcerting fact resulting from this is that the contents of my home look no less overwhelmingly junk-laden and cluttered, but at least some of it is a little more contained now. Only trouble is, I twisted my hip carrying the fifth box to the garage so at the moment, although the spirit is willing, the body has given up. A soak in the bath will probably make the difference so I just have to wait until M’s been round for her afternoon cuppa before I closet myself away in there to recover in preparation for phase two.

Meanwhile I’ve been hard at work arranging accommodation for the wedding. Did I tell you my nephew is finally getting married up at Culzean Castle in the summer? It’s a source of great excitement. We’ll stay with my brother beforehand, but the night of the wedding we’ll need somewhere closer to stay and, if we want to spend time with the Caribbean side of the family – not yet met – then we’ll want to be there a little longer too.

First of all I phoned the hotel where my nephew’s made a block booking in anticipation of the family wanting to stay there. Ouch! I reckon it must be a lovely hotel! Actually, for me and the kids it’s not bad as you don’t pay for children sleeping in their parents’ room. But I can’t see Dad smiling sweetly at the thought of paying £50 a night bed and breakfast. The brainwave was to seek out self catering accommodation for a week up there, so I spent a while on the phone calling various places to seek somewhere suitable. Finally I found the perfect cottage – right within view of the castle and at a reasonable price for the week, with a lovely landlady who was only too happy to oblige. I booked it there and then, and then rang my sister to share the good news. As her phone was engaged, I left a message and went back to the grindstone, only to be called back to answer the phone.

Would you believe it – my sister was not as delighted with the news at all. She’d phoned the same landlady earlier in the day to enquire about the two cottages she owned and, having discovered they were vacant, said she’d check with other members of the family who were travelling with her (my other two nephews and their families) and get back to her to book them, but hadn’t actually made a provisional booking. She’d just been about to phone her and confirm when my message had arrived.

It makes sense, obviously, for the three families (complete with two babies) to have the two linked cottages. Anyone know of any self-catering accommodation in the vicinity of Culzean Castle?

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