The moving of the stone was done by tea-tray. The stone was too heavy to lift, but we managed to rock it onto the tray. The steps were just wide enough to hold the stone, though not the whole tray, so we kept the stone right at the back of the tray. I balanced the front of the tray (which was empty) on my knee while we slid the tray forwards and lifted it down onto the next step. M, of course, was stuck behind it and had to climb over the top of it and me to get at the right angle to help when it came to manoevring the whole thing round the corners in the staircase, but bit by bit we got it there with only one awkward moment where the only way I could hold it was to put my arm through the bannister rail but then was unable to move it forwards or backwards! I just let go and prayed..and yes, we were able to take the strain of it for a moment or two while I relocated my arm!

I just hope the people who see the Easter Garden get a lot out of it. It’s a very effective source of contemplation