Daily Archives: March 12, 2005

I’m well

I wish my baby was, though.

I was hoping he’d be able to go back to school this week, so as we had tickets booked for the theatre, we reckoned we’d see how he got on with a trip there. The Mikado was fantastic, but my baby wasn’t. He managed to survive the play (which he loved) but it’s set him right back. He’s just as poorly as ever.

And to top it all, now Dad’s ill. He’s hardly eating – not the best situation for a diabetic.

Smudgelet’s nearly better, though. And at least the cat’s eating properly again. (Not ill, as such, just determined that he’s one of the two out of ten who downright refuses to eat Whiskas!) And I’m still feeling my old self again – which is just as well, really.