Daily Archives: March 8, 2005

Florence revisited

Well, would you believe it? Smudgelet managed one day at school before his conjunctivitis came back with a vengeance!

Auntie M was fantastic – looked after Tiddles for the day, made me lunch, took me to the Local Preacher Tutor’s house and dropped me off while she took a video back to the library for me and picked up Smudgelet from school, then loaned me her car so that I could run the boys round to see the nurse. You should have seen me bounce her automatic car up the drive towards the main road, my heart in my mouth as I tried to remind myself not to jam my foot on the brake instead of the clutch and to keep both hands on the wheel! Someone up there obviously had his eye on me – the roads were unnaturally clear in both directions. Or maybe they’d just somehow got the message I was on my way.

The verdict? Tiddles has a viral infection and simply has to ride the storm, which could be another week yet. Steam inhalations three times a day, an asthma inhaler until he can breath easily independently, cough medicine every four hours, lemsip to help his head, and plenty of sleep. Smudgelet’s hands – eczema. E45 hand-bath for 15 minutes a day and hydrocortizone cream twice a day. And yes, this morning I went to put the drops in his eyes, only to discover the conjunctivitis is back again and we’re back from drops twice a day to washing the eyes out with salt water and putting drops in four times a day. I had to get up half an hour early to get them both dosed up this morning before I left for work.

Dad was amazing – looked after the pair of them all day and all three were still alive and kicking when I got there at lunchtime. He was glad I cancelled my massage class (yet again) and took them off his hands, though. As the nurse had said after seeing each of them for five minutes yesterday “How on earth do you put up with the two of them all day and stay sane? I have had them for five minutes and I’m ready for a lie down!”

Tomorrow is the day of truth – when my name goes forward to the Local Preachers’ Meeting for approval to go on note. Well, I think it will. With my minister having forgotten that we’d discussed it, he had forgotten to raise it at the Church Council who are supposed to give their approval first before it goes to the Local Preachers. Fingers crossed, there are enough from our church council actually at the meeting for them to give it the OK. If that happens, I will be appointed a mentor (oh, please please let it be someone I can work with!) and it’ll be all systems go. Sadly I will have to transfer to the other tutor – nice chap, but G and I are definitely on the same wavelength and I would have loved to have her tutor me. (but there’s nothing to stop me going round for coffee occasionally, now, is there?)

Hmmm…. this is the second day of constant headache and tiredness. I am not, repeat not, going to go down with this virus. This is the first time I’ve resisted infection since the glandular fever and I am NOT going to have it, do you hear me?

Mothers’ Day

Least said, soonest mended.

Suffice to say, Tiddles’ thinking powers have been severely affected by this virus; Smudgelet hasn’t really got the hang of gracious giving yet; and Dad has an impressive knack for saying the wrong thing.

Thank you, God, for the insight that your love is all forgiving, even when we take you for granted – and for my friend M who sensed how I was feeling and turned up on the doorstep with a one-portion cake especially baked for me. And hooray for Sunday being a feast day rather than a fast day.