Daily Archives: March 2, 2005


My poor Smudgelet looks as though he’s done several rounds with Mike Tyson, or else downed several bottles of whisky in one sitting. It’d be a good time to take a flash photo of him as I could put any red-eye down to his conjunctivitis. He woke me in the middle of the night because the itching was unbearable and, when I went to wash the mucus from his right eye, I discovered that his left eye had started too. Poor little microbe. Of course, this leaves me at home with a restless and itchy child who isn’t exactly unwell but who can’t venture into the company of others and is going through my stock of cotton wool balls at great speed.

Tiddles, on the other hand, is still feeling sick enough to be listless and weepy and somewhat lacking in advance thinking. Hence he decided to stick the cereal packet in Smudgelet’s eye (Hmmm.. I still haven’t quite got my head round that one!); to try and balance a dinner tray on one hand while closing a door (I never really liked that dinner service that much; and wept oceans of tears when he couldn’t find the things he needed for his hike next week.
It looks like I shall have the company of both my sons tomorrow.

We had one trip out, for a change of scene, with the two of them incarcerated in the back of the car. An essential trip. A trip to Tiddles’ school to collect his cakes. He may not have won a prize with them, but boy were they delicious. I decided that I could break my fast with a clear conscience as what mother would refuse to test her son’s baking? And especially as one was Sachertorte which was made with dark chocolate and therefore too bitter for Smudgelet to enjoy. However, I can honestly claim that the Linzertorte was more of a savoury dish than a sweet one for me – while it was warming in the oven, I accidentally tipped the tray of chicken kiev that was cooking above it, and my piece of cake was given a liberal application of a garlic butter glaze. MMmmmmmmmm :S