Monthly Archives: January 2004


Good job Chris doesn’t read these – it’d be rather embarrassing to have emailed him to moan at not being able to get into my wiblog, only to have to admit that I had altered the security level on my computer and it was stopping the wibsite cookies.

Had an excellent day today with a trip to Amazon World with the boys, Dad and my sister who’s visiting for the weekend. Fascinating! It’s a place I love and we were there for hours. Highlights – a lesser anteater who was so adorable I was tempted to smuggle him home, an armadillo who was running round his enclosure on little clockwork legs, and the discovery that the giant tortoises who had promted a sudden sex-ed lesson for the boys on our last visit were at it again, doing their best to prevent the extinction of the species.

The biggest irritation at the moment is that I am needing to be signed off for stress, but getting signed off is proving almost too stressful to be worth it. The thing is that I need to be signed off part time. This is partly because the kids at school desperately need me there. (Yes, I know that sounds big headed, and nobody is indispensible, but the school just cannot get good supply – nobody in their right mind would do it – and these kids need continuity and stability) and partly because I cannot let my dad know there’s a problem so being at home during the day would entail me hiding again !!! As it is I am planning to go have some afternoons off and just go to the gym, swimming, or better still, to Thorntons! But first I have to get this blooming sick note organised! So far resorting to blackmail has got the head on my side – I told him that either I get my day and two halves off or I will just have to be signed off full time for a couple of months 😀

Dad is slowly recovering from his spectacular fall. He and Smudgelet were walking down the street when Smudgelet dropped his reading bag and bent down to pick it up… straight in front of my Dad! Of course, poor Grandad went straight over the top, still holding Smudgelet’s hand, and the two of them landed upside down in a lavender bush, legs in the air. Now stop laughing, it’s not funny! 😉 Actually, the outcome was less funny as Dad’s damaged his shoulders quite badly and chipped a bone in his arm, so I have been busy doing nursemaid duties for the last two weeks. A lovely juggling act running two households, so I got my comeuppance for laughing!

Two weeks to half term…… and counting.

Public Safety Warning

In a few moments you may be well advised to keep your eye open for an object flying at high speed on an unknown trajectory from the general direction of the Isle of Wight. This object is beeping and dangerous.

If you are the friend who gave my eldest son a stopwatch for Christmas without any instructions for disabling the alarm which beeps every thirty minutes, please be aware that you are now deemed “ex-friend”.

I will forebear from the temptation to make any comment about “time flies”.

Back to normal

Shame to see the holidays come to an end. What I need is to inherit a large fortune which will enable me to stay at home full time – or even part time would do. A long lost uncle would come in very handy. Hmmm…. looking at the state of this place, a skip would come in even handier!

I think this has been the best Christmas yet. I managed to avert the obligatory family row, so maybe it wasn’t a proper Christmas after all. The best present for the boys was a huge wooden castle from Early Learning which has sent us all into a fit of interest in knights. I made the foolish move of offering to make knight costumes for the boys. I’ve cut out all the pieces and sewn together one helmet and a sleeve. I’m bored now. Still, doubtless they’ll be finished in time for the boys to wear them when they’re 18. Tiddles has decided to be Sir Kissalot (hmmmm!) and we’ve dubbed Smudgelet Sir Moanalot. Goodness knows why! 😉

Nightmare – walking through Winchester on our way to see the Round Table yesterday (as you do, when you’re a knight) Sir Kissalot managed to lose a letter he was meant to be posting for me. If I suddenly disappear offline, it’s because our electricity has been cut off. I really must learn not to leave it until the red bill has been sitting on my table a few days before I pay… or at least, never to trust Tiddles with posting it. Still, at least we’ve seen the Round Table – and I bet King Arthur didn’t pay his electric bills on time either.