Monthly Archives: December 2003

How time flies

Is it really that long since last I wibbled on here?

And is Christmas really that soon and yet the end of term really so far away?

Life here ticks on merrily. The tantrums are definitely getting fewer, though more violent, which is a mixed blessing but maybe a sign that he’s gaining more self control. We’re doing NO LATE NIGHTS from now until Christmas, no matter what we have to miss. Oh, and a builder is looking at the possiblity of an extension so the boys can have separate bedrooms – though knowing the way builders work it’ll probably be ready by the time they’re 35!

A sign he’s growing up – we had to have THE talk the other week! You know, THE talk! The S word! Yes, I have broken to him the news about Santa – with a severe warning of the dangers that will befall if he says anything to his younger brother. He’s still keen to go and see the man in red at the steam railway, though.

Things on the family front look like being bad again – a bit scary really. Just taking one day at a time while we see what happens next. At least it’s got us a bit more support from Social Services.

And the keep fit routine has now begun. I am going regularly to the gym now. Once a month! The rate things are going I’ll have to go a third time soon. Anyone got any oxygen I can borrow?

Oh drat – the moment I’ve been putting off has finally arrived. Off now to go to yet another Christmas fair. Humbug!