Daily Archives: October 21, 2003

Would you believe it?

I have just woken with a horrendous coughing fit. Just couldn’t stop coughing. Had to get up and make myself a hot blackcurrent and fill a hot water bottle.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, I decided to risk looking for my passport again. It was a bit of a risk because I could get myself worked up and spend half the night looking, or at least not be able to go back to sleep, though I knew it was in the house somewhere and I HAVE to have found it by Friday to get my tickets for Dublin.

For some reason I opened the cupboard where I generally keep it. I hadn’t looked in there yet as I knew for a fact that I had not put it away after using it to open Smudgelet’s post office account a few weeks ago. But guess what? There it sat, smiling at me.. precisely where it was supposed to be!!!

God is good! But I do think He’s telling me to get a bit more organised next time. What do you reckon?

Right, my hot water bottle, my hot blackcurrent and my easy mind are going back to bed now. Here’s to a peaceful night.