Daily Archives: October 20, 2003


I have a dent in my new car.

The kids said the bumper was OK after the brick wall leapt out behind us on the school carpark. They didn’t think to look ABOVE the bumper, did they?

I have a dent in my new car! 🙁

Hey, what do you know…

The kid’s ahead on his homework. Not only that, he’s lecturing his friends on how important it is not to let homework slip behind! Success on a plate. Shame he was in trouble at school on Tuesday, but these things are inevitable I suppose, and I have to focus on how well he’s doing overall.

My kitchen is looking very…er… interesting. I have match-potted all over the walls. Shame none of the colours I have tried out actually go with the tiles, isn’t it? Hmmm…. I have been recommended to mix my own. Dare I? I like trying things out for myself, but if my first ever attempt at plastering is anything to go by…

I am busy packing for our trip to Dublin next week. Where on earth did I put my passport? I need it to collect the tickets! And how on EARTH did so many of our assorted clothes get themselves back into the ironing pile again? I wonder if Cliona would mind us being rather crumpled. Perhaps I could just throw everything in a suitcase and iron it when I get there.

And just a quick gloat. I have done more than HALF of my Christmas shopping! It’s even wrapped! Oh, OK, so it’s even sitting on my bed with the scissors, sellotape and wrapping paper alongside it, but it’s not bad going for October, you have to admit. By next week it will even have been delivered so that someone else has to find somewhere to store it all. 😀

Now to finish a letter which is way way overdue. Where do the weeks go? I am sure someone has stolen a few from all my free time and inserted them in my time at work.

Thought for the day: When walking up the steps between the hedge and the garage in the early hours of the morning, always check for huge cobwebs with spiders sitting in the middle of them at face height FIRST!