Daily Archives: July 19, 2003

It was the till’s fault, I tell you!

I definitely pressed the right buttons to put in 1x30p SUBTOTAL CASH. It was the till that decided to charge the customer £48. I mean, anyone reading my wiblog will appreciate that I am an organised and efficie…er… Oh, OK, point taken. But I still swear I didn’t hit the wrong key!

This weekend is the County Show. It’s been very quiet today, actually…. nowhere near as many people as usual, and there didn’t seem as much to see, either. Mind you, wandering round on my own I didn’t have the oohs, and ahhs of the boys to distract my attention. I fobbed them off on the respite carer for the day while I work in the Churches Together Tent serving refreshments. It’s a job I really love and I spend all weekend there, alternating between the drinks counter (making teas and coffees) and the till.

This year we have a real till, usually I have a cashbox and mental arithmetic 😀 Pete says I was a liability with the till! Not sure quite what he meant. Did it have something to do with me giving up using it, and just opening the drawer and putting the money in? 😉 He surely can’t have been questioning the huge amount of money we apparently took? (I did the £48 trick a couple of times!)

I was a bit of a liability doing the drinks too, seeing as I stuck my finger in the urn and scalded it. It was my poorly finger too. If it was hurting before, it’s certainly hurting now! How on earth did I manage to scald the middle finger on my left hand and leave the others unscathed? (As I said afterwards, perhaps I should use a different finger to stir my coffee in future, or even a spoon)

Tomorrow I have been blackmailed into providing the music for the open air services. I hope my poorly finger is up to it. Apparently I am the only “musician” available to play. For that read “The only mug who can be persuaded to play”. I have a list of hymns to practise frantically tonight. Still, I was offered considerable payment – a kiss and cuddle from my friend’s gorgeous husband, the vicar. I wasn’t expecting payment in the middle of the tent, but it was rather nice 😉 Perhaps that’s why I overcharged him for his cup of coffee!

Tomorrow I am there again, with the boys this time. And on Monday they are going to borrow Tiddles to help with dismantling the marquee. He’s finished at school now for the summer, Smudgelet has three days to go, to his disgust! I’m taking him off a day early to start our three week “UK Tour” on Tuesday.

How on earth will I get this place sorted by then?

I survived

School finally came to an end yesterday.

Wednesday was a wonderful day, much as I’d been dreading it. We took the Key Stage Two kids to Robin Hill, all 165 of them. The potential for disaster was great, but they were wonderful. Perfectly behaved and lovely company. I spent the morning at “Base Camp”, sitting in the sun and chatting with colleagues, writing a couple of postcards, drinking coffee and eating cake, while the kids occasionally went running past with a wave and an “awroight miss?”

After lunch a group of us – staff, that is – went on the Time Machine, a rather impressive simulator. It was great fun. Sadly the one member of our group who was most reluctant to go on didn’t manage to go on – I was the last person and the gates closed in front of her. This, of course, meant that we all had to go on again so that she would have a go! We sat either side of her and held her hands firmly (no, not to reassure her, but to stop her waving them in the air which was the signal to the operator to stop the ride). Then off we went on a rollercoaster ride through the middle of a volcano!

We then went on to the toboggan ride. That was brilliant fun as we went at breakneck speed down the slope. I hadn’t got a child with me as an excuse for excess use of the brake so I went full tilt, which was more exhilerating than I could have imagined. Can’t have been going that fast, mind, as Becky nearly rammed me from behind. I am beginning to tell why she can’t pass her driving test!

The kids saw a slightly different side to me when one child hurt her ankle and the icepack had to be used. No, not the caring compassionate side. Never fear! No, I managed to grab a fallen icecube and drop it down one of the helper’s backs. There then ensued an ice-cube battle… first between me and B, then a few of the kids were enlisted as support. I managed only to have the icecube down my back once…. and they never succeeded in getting it in the front of my t-shirt, though I did have to tickle a few in self defence!

It was a sharp contrast on Thursday and Friday to find myself in charge of a colleagues class. Year Eight. Leavers. Off timetable and interested in nothing. Determined not to play games or watch a video, only wanting to cause trouble. Their language was totally obscene, they were destructive and challenging. They suddenly took it into their heads to grafitti each other’s clothing. The Head was furious at them having writing all over their shirts and jumpers. I had questioned it with a senior colleague who had told me to leave them to it. But I could hardly believe my eyes when it went from signing each other’s shirts, to boys writing obscene messages on girls’ breasts and girls writing lower down on boys’ shirts, to pupils actually drawing breasts and genitalia on the clothing.These kids are twelve and thirteen. We might have giggled behind the bike sheds and talked dirty under our breath at that age, but these kids are blatent and talk of nothing else. I don’t know how the Year Eight teachers turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to it. Happily a good telling off from the Head (he sent them home to change, or made them wear shirts from lost property) and my decision to tolerate nothing (even though the other teachers were giving them free rein) seemed to do the trick to some extent.

One lad commented “This school is just like a prison”. I was very good and bit back the comment “Who says school doesn’t equip you for the life ahead?”

At last the two days came to an end, though. It was with great sorrow (honest, honest it was) that we waved them off…. having first checked their bags for eggs and water bombs, and put sentinals on duty in the car parks. And then we were freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Then off for a pleasant hour or two at the local vineyard for a meal at the Head’s expense, sitting on the terrace overlooking the vines and chatting and relaxing and getting into the holiday mood.

I LOVE the holidays!!!!! (sorry Maddie)