Daily Archives: July 7, 2003

Ominous envelopes

Worrying letter arrived this morning… an official envelope containing a very official looking letter addressed to “The Parent of Tiddles, 5B” After a moment of pacing, I decided that there was no putting it off, I had to read it.

“Dear Miss Smudgie,

At this time of year it is customary for us to hold an award ceremony at school for those who are to be awarded a certificate of excellence. Your son Tiddles is one of those selected to receive such an award and we would be delighted if you are able to attend to see him receive his certificate from the Bishop.

Yours sincerely,


Any wonder I have been walking around with a smug smile all day? He’s a star and I’m dead proud of him. 😀 Now all I need to do is find a mug… I mean a volunteer… to cover my lessons on Friday afternoon.

Also in the post was another official looking envelope which, on opening, revealed some free tickets for Alton Towers. So now it looks like the Roller Coaster Meet may be a must. I’d better start working on my coat-holding muscles.

Still no luck on the babysitter front, after two more abortive phone calls. I mustn’t sound bitter – these people all have their own lives to lead and really good reasons why it’s not possible (I mean, you would have thought my friend would have abandoned her trip to Anguilla, wouldn’t you, and another friend postponed his birthday). It just feels a bit as though everyone’s happy to say “You really need a break” but not quite so willing to step in and make it possible. Still, the holidays aren’t far away. And today I booked the ferry tickets !!!

I was rescued today from the ordeal of having Year Eight for the last four days of term. How crazy to go off timetable for four whole days! The Key Stage Two team noticed my impending doom and swooped to the rescue, demanding the use of my services with the younger children all week, including a day trip to Robin Hill 😀 That should be really nice. It means, though, that I now only have three lessons left with my Year Eight class before they go swanning off to High School.

Some idiot on the staff who shall remain nameless has come up with a really bright idea that the staff should all dress in school uniform for the last day. Great idea that one, I don’t think! I might add that this also includes the staff lunch at the local vineyard. I will leave it to you to guess whether I am going to go along with this bright idea.

Nine days to go ! (Sorry Maddie!)