Daily Archives: July 6, 2003


Lost – one hairbrush, gained – one towel and a tube of toothpaste. Not bad going really.

Mind you, I know how he did it. He hasn’t taken anything out of his bag. Clean clothes (esp underwear) still intact. Soap and flannel and toothbrush untouched. Typical boy!

Tired? Understatement of the year. He could hardly keep his eyes open to eat his tea, ravenous though he is. “I’m blinking” he declared,”…er… long blinks.”

Did I miss him? Yes, I did. A lot. And it’s lovely to have him home – though less lovely to have his bag of washing… and I must admit that after a while the cuddles lost their attraction once the novelty of having him home waned and I started to become more aware of his….natural aroma! Needless to say, he is now in the bath, with two bottles of disinfectant and a fumigation spray. Any minute now he’ll be off to bed, and I reckon he’ll sleep for England.

Me? I’ve had an unproductive day, but a nice one nonetheless. I have managed to do a few jobs, although it’s been too hot to sustain interest in it for long. I have cleared out the boys’ room, though, and it finally looks more like a room and less like an earthquake zone.

I took Dad out for lunch – not 100% successful, but a lovely meal and nice to spend some time together. The downside of it was that the pub was packed – somewhat unexpectedly. And not your average diner, either. A charity cycle ride decided to stop off there for lunch and copious amounts of alcohol – about forty or so of them, somewhat interestingly attired in tutus and carrying pump-action water pistols. Hmmm….. I can only hope they were planning to stay some time and let the affects of the alcohol wear off before proceeding with their bike ride or there may have been some disasterous effects.

Now, to shovel the boy off to bed and enjoy an hour or two before the other one returns to the fold.


Will nobody agree to have the boys next weekend? Who else can I ring, and how will I say “no, that’s fine, don’t worry about it… it was only a long shot” one more time without letting the wobble show in my voice. Just one tiny weekend away? Not even that… just bedtime Friday to breakfast time Sunday? And they’re never even any trouble for anyone else.