Daily Archives: July 5, 2003


Wow – freedom!

It’s the weekend, and last night I took my eldest to Cub Camp. One excited little boy, I can tell you, especially as he’d thought he might not be going. Mind you, did I feel a great sense of relief at having a little bit of a break? Of course I didn’t …. I miss him! There’s no pleasing some people, is there? He’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, though, and I’ll have a lovely afternoon reading my book and surfing the boards with a free conscience while he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. To make this possible I have arranged my first respite session for Smudgelet tomorrow.

I seem to be going through a funny patch at the moment. It’s as though my sense of humour has been sucked away. I know the cause for most of it – children, father, work…. typical stuck in a rut stuff. It just seems as though there’s not much chance for a bit of fun. Even the Ship seems uninspiring just lately as far as fun is concerned.

I intend to rectify that soon though with shipmeets and holidays. I am currently trying to sort out going both to Cheltenham and Winchester next weekend for a bit of “grown up time”. Then it’s only two and a half weeks until we go away. Must remember to make some phonecalls tomorrow. I know what we’ve got planned for the three weeks we’re away, but I haven’t actually told the people we’re going to stay with yet!

Had a bit of a giggle at Smudgelet’s swimming lesson. They were having “fun night” and the instructor was running (tut) along the side of the pool holding a hoop and dragging the children at high speed through the water like a speedboat. Suddenly the assembled parents realised that one little boy was zooming along towards the deep end, but his trunks had stayed motionless at the shallow end of the pool!!! Not that the instructor noticed… he just wondered why the lad was sooooooo reluctant to get out of the water at the end!

Today I ordered the book my friend has just had published. It should be here by Tuesday. I had to buy it, not to show solidarity with Sue, but because I am apparently mentioned in the acknowledgements… and she won’t tell me what she’s said, just laughs in a knowing way. Hmmm.. if I tell you her childhood nickname for me was “maggot”, you’ll know why I am so keen to know the worst! The first chapter of her book I’ve already read online and, to my delight, it’s actually not bad. Wow, just to think, I’m friends with a real live author!

Right, back to Everlasting Sentences to see if anyone has posted…. then check whether the Ship’s afloat again…. and curl up with my book and a nice cup of hot chocolate.