Ooops, forgot to give this a title

Poor kids – can’t be much fun having a teacher who’s a miserable old battleaxe!

It took four hours, a whole bar of G&B white chocolate (donated by a helper who had to work with me and thought the sacrifice worthwhile) and a tremendous victory in the inter-staff tables test challenge (ninety-eight random two digit multiplication sums correct in five minutes!) to change my mood from utterly obnoxious to faintly irritable. By the afternoon, mind, I was sweetness and light. Possibly to do with not having a class to teach.

Our toilet floor is a skating rink tonight. My dear sweet Smudgelet thought it highly amusing to fill the liquid soap bottles with water. To do so, he first had to make room. Bless him. Oh, how I laughed with him at his merry jape ….

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