Daily Archives: June 30, 2003

Mind you, some clouds have silver linings too

Wet break. Yippee, wet break! 😀 Instead of all staff out on the playground supervising a schoolful of hooligans, teaching staff who have a form group are in their classrooms supervising smaller numbers of hooligans. I do not have a form group 😉

To add to the delight, it’s J’s birthday and she’s brought in cheesecake, gateaux, and chocolate profiteroles! And there’s no-one else to help her eat them 😀

Do you know, I don’t think I’ve experienced one obnoxious child today. Not that there weren’t any, just that I didn’t bump into any. My cover lesson went fine – just had to isolate one little twerp (oops, sorry, not allowed to call them twerps) and the rest buckled down and worked well. My friend for whom I had covered the horrendous History lesson last week thanked me …… in the form of a huge punnet of strawberries and a carton of cream. Oh dear, I forgot to get them out of the fridge before the boys went to bed. Oh dear!

After lunch there was a panic to find a helper who was willing to take two girls to visit the High School for an induction session. I pointed out that I was non-contact and was happy to take them. So instead of having to sit in the “internal exclusion” room and supervise any reprobates, I got to go and have a tour of the High School (where my eldest may go in three years’ time) and eat chocolate biscuits. At the end of the session we realised that if I took the girls back to school they’d miss their bus home, so I said I would take them straight home. Where should they live, but round the corner from me. So I was home just at three o’clock…. half an hour earlier than I would have been normally.

Spent my evening with two typical boys. Smudgelet is in trouble for having two pieces of homework not done. Tiddles is in deep deep trouble as I discover that he has five pieces of homework outstanding and is due for the high jump tomorrow if they’re not done….. and I don’t mean Sports Day, either. He was pretty determined not to do any of it, either. Still, I had to turn a bit sympathetic in the end as he started to throw up rather violently. A touch of the sun, methinks, or a tummy bug as both Smudgelet and I have been a bit unwell Saturday night (me) and Sunday evening (him).

Sports Day tomorrow, if you can call it that. The kids are so awful that we daren’t run it with the whole school. Year Five have their sports before break, Year six after, Year seven early on Thursday and Year Eight last of all. Luckily I don’t have to supervise any of it.

Hope Tiddles is better soon, he looks rather pale.