Daily Archives: June 29, 2003

Dilemma – (this is a rant just for me, please don’t read)

How can the clock go so slowly, watching each minute pass and longing to sleep, and yet so quickly when the 6am alarm and the children’s swimming lesson looms so very soon? And why am I so deep-down cold when the night is so humid? And why isn’t there a little switch that we can turn on and off in our emotions so we can feel one at a time instead of a turmoil of them – anger, hurt, affection and deep deep sorrow all vying for position? And why am I so bloody hopeless at keeping my friends?

Every silver lining has a cloud

Had a wonderful day today (if we disregard the tandem tantrumming from two Smudgelets this morning which lasted just twenty minutes)

We had a relaxing morning with almost a decent (or indecent) lie in.

I was able to spend a pleasant hour with Dad over fish and chips as the children decided to have theirs on the picnic table. It is difficult for Dad and I to find anything to talk about these days – I so miss his easy friendship – but at least it was nice to be together and relaxed.

Then I took the children to the zoo. Again, with the incessant tantrumming and battling and everything, I was starting to feel that our relationship was in serious danger. So the jobs and the trip to the bank (much needed!) was put on one side while we took advantage of the good weather and went on a mystery tour, ending at the zoo. We had a fantastic afternoon. Smudgelet was delighted to learn that ring tailed lemur males “fight” by rubbing their smelly musk onto their tails and then waving them in each other’s faces. The one with the smelliest tail wins 😀

So all in all, a lovely day, apart from a shitty end to it in which I lost a very special friend.