Daily Archives: June 24, 2003


Hat off to social services, they’ve really come up trumps.

How can I begin to show my appreciation of the support they provide?

I have never envied divorced people the trauma they have endured, and often continue to endure. I have never envied them the negative impact on the children or other relationships, the juggling of family, the depth of feeling of hurt or rejection. Just occasionally, however, I have envied my single-mother-through-divorce friends that bit of time to themselves which comes when the child goes to spend part of the weekend with their father. Now I am to have that.

For six months (then reviewed) I am to have one day (or the equivalent) with each boy on their own every month so I we can have some real quality time together and nurture those relationships which currently get squeezed out with running round after one or the other of them.

And for one day a month, I am to have a day or the equivalent just for me.. a self pampering day, a day when I can wander the shops without moaning children, a day when I can meet with friends without them having to entertain the Smudgelets too, a day when I can lie on the beach and read my book without having to solve disputes over which bucket and spade belongs to which.

Tiny twinge of guilt, but mostly YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

Now only one small problem….. I still haven’t got a babysitter for tonight – my first night out in months. Anyone free this evening for a few hours?