And as if that weren’t all complicated enough,…. !

Margaret was coming to pick me up at 3.45 to whisk me up to collect my car and be home – as if from work – before the Smudgelets. The timing had been meticulously worked out and watches synchronised so that she would arrive just after Dad had set out to fetch Smudgelet from school, so that I could slip into the car unseen.

What happens? Dad decides, yet again, without consultation, to leave the Smudgelet at after school club for longer. AAAAGGGGGHHH… And to make matters worse, he decides to work out on the front garden again. I am spying through a gap in the curtains, willing him to set off to collect the child, when Margaret’s car turns into the drive and I hear her engage him in conversation. What to do? What on earth to do?? If Tiddles arrives home from school in the meantime, I am undone!

Margaret zooms home and phones from there. We throw a few frantic ideas back and forth, then she decides to meet Tiddles from the bus and take him for an icecream. Meanwhile I am to watch out for Dad setting off for the school, and quickly nip out and walk up (the long way round so’s not to be seen) to collect the car and be at her house in time to collect Tiddles from her too.

I race up the hill to Margaret’s, only to discover I’ve taken the wrong car keys!!!!!! Still, I got an icecream for my troubles 😀 She drove me back to collect my keys – we need not have panicked as it was almost half past five by the time Smudgelet turned up at the door, Grandad having decided to take him for an icecream on the way home. I was livid because we had to be out for six fifteen – but relieved because I managed to look adequately harrassed by the time Dad saw me!!!

Bumped into another long lost friend today and we made a pact to get together the first day of the holidays. Hooray!!!

Thus endeth my third day in hiding. Tomorrow life returns with a vengeance….. though I think it may prove less stressful than today! 😉

3 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. smudgie!!! wow. you seriously *are* hiding hey? remind me never to try and play hide and seek with you 😀

  2. my, if I ever needed tips on hinding, I know who I would come to for advice! Glad to hear that the time out has been useful. Will keep praying for you and your lot. :o)

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