Oh what a tangled web we weave… isn’t that how the rhyme begins?

I was tempted to stay at Margaret’s this morning, but decided to come home and hide instead as I wanted to sort some things out in my room.

I got trapped in there as the window cleaner arrived in the street and I couldn’t take the risk of him spotting me.

Then my Dad decides to prune my hedge, right by the bedroom window. The curtains are closed so he can’t see me, but the window is open – he will hear if I try to do anything. I’m trapped.

The hedge is really big and my Dad is really stubborn. I keep begging him not to cut it and to let me do it, but he always gets in first. It’s a hot day, so what does he do? He works solidly for two and a half hours without a break… not even to get a drink. This man has diabetes, prostate cancer, skin cancer, a slight heart problem, dodgy hips…… and the stubbornness of a mule. Even the man over the road shouted across and told him to go and have a rest, that the hedge would still be there this afternoon. But no, Dad has to carry on until either the hedge is defeated or he is no more.

And I sit there listening to it, and can’t even take him a cup of tea.