Daily Archives: June 6, 2003

Guess what!

Another staff birthday…….. more cake in the staffroom!

You will be proud of me, I didn’t have any chocolate cake at all. And I didn’t have a single chocolate. I had several, but not a single one! Well, it was wet break and I was the only person in the staffroom.

My Year Eights had a transfer exam this morning. (Yes, more invigilating) These are my tough-guys, my reprobates, the ones who are hardest to win and hardest to teach and who think learning and working is for wimps. You can imagine my delight to discover that in the year I’ve been working with them, they have actually made a year’s progress. Miracle of miracles. Their results were so good, it was all I could do to stop myself hugging them when I told them. And it was rather nice to see them fighting back the smug looks and trying to look nonchalent. I didn’t tell them that I had a go at the test too, and got one wrong!

Would you believe it? I ordered the Tesco delivery to come between 9 and 11 pm because I had to go and fetch Tiddles back from Cubs during the previous hour. What happens, he comes early. So my sister, who’s babysitting, gets a visit from the Tesco man, and all I get is a bag full of melted icecreams when I get home. And he’s wasted on her… I mean, she’s old and she’s married 😉 (Ooops, must remember not to let her read my Wiblog or that’s a willing babysitter out of the window, not to mention my Christmas present)

Tiddles is fractionally more settled after another bad night the other night. He slept last night as I threatened that he’d not be able to go to Cubs tonight if he didn’t. I felt a bit mean, but what do you do? Tonight Cubs has thoroughly worn him out so he was asleep before he had time to think about anything. Lots of people are praying for him, though, and we are doing plenty of talking. It’d just be nice to be able to put a plaster on and kiss it better and know he’d be OK.

The computer man came tonight. Lovely chap – he’s fitted a new DVD player for me. He tried to get the original to malfunction as I’d told him it had been doing, cutting out after a certain length of time playing, but it refused to cooperate and made me out to be a liar. He sat there listening to my music (hmmm…. should have put something a little more classy in the DVD drive!) and relaxing. He should have been paying ME, I reckon! Hopefully the new drive will solve the problem, though.

Amazingly I had told him about a spasmodic error message and problem I’m having with my computer generally, knowing full well that it wouldn’t do it while he was around…… and when he tried to restart the computer with the new drive, lo and behold the error message popped up and he was able to take down all the details. Hooray! I offered to pay him and he said he’d let me off as he’d run out of invoices. 😀 Shame that he went on to say he’d send the bill!

I have gone mad this evening and ordered all the Diana Gabaldon books from Amazon. Well, a little self-indulgence never did anyone any harm. Now, where did I put that Pride and Prejudice video?